Faith of Our Fathers (2006)

This project has become something very special for all of us associated with The Master's Four. Wherever we sang, people asked us to release an album that featured the various hymns we have learned and performed over the years. In response to those requests, we began to formulate plans for the project in late 2005. As we reviewed additional material, our hearts were drawn to the old hymn "Faith of Our Fathers". As young men growing up, each of us had been blessed with God-fearing parents, and Dads that taught us what true faith in God was. We also discovered that all four of our Dads had sung in quartets when they were younger. We thought this would be a wonderful and exciting opportunity to perform with them on the project! And so, on a cool spring day in 2006, we joined our Dads in a Toronto studio and recorded the title track for "Faith of Our Fathers". What a job and thrill it was for us to work with them on that day and to share the results of that session with you.

Tracks List:

1: Great is Thy Faithfulness
2: Holy, Holy, Holy
3: How Great Thou Art
4: Yes, I Know
5: He Touched Me
6: Hymn Medley
7: God's Amazing Grace
8: Because He Lives
9: It Is Well
10: Softly and Tenderly
11: Faith of Our Fathers