Livin' By Faith (2004)

The journey to this fourth album is one that we could never have imagined just a few years ago. Throughout its development, our lives outside of the quartet were turned upside down as job, health and family challenges demanding that we rely on our Lord more than we ever had during the past 20 years of quartet ministry. Yet, our God is great! The very songs that we had selected for the project now ministered to us in a very real and very personal way. Titles such as 'My Faith My All', 'Who Had Faith' and 'I've Never Really Trusted You' were calling us to a now deeper level of faith and trust in our Lord! Our prayer is that this album will touch all those who hear it in the same way.

Tracks List:

1: Who Had Faith
2: How Great Thou Art
3: I'm Happy in Knowing Heaven is Mine
4: Our Prayer for You

5: I've Been Redeemed
6: I've Never Trusted You
7: Don't Give Up On Victory
8: Swing Low
9: He Touched Me
10: Do All You Can
11: My Faith, My All
12: In the Good Old Days