Sample Tracks:

Passin' The Faith (2017)

This album celebrates a new era of ministry for the Master's Four. In 2015, John Peneycad joined the group as a short term addition to the team and we loved singing with him so much, we invited him to stay. Now with the power of 5 voices, 4 parts and one common purpose, we enter a new time of ministry with high expectation for what God has in store for the group. And our purpose is the same as it was over 30 years ago when the Master's 4 was born - to be Passin' our Faith along to our children, grandchildren and to the audiences around the world who will see us perform and hear these songs. Time may pass and song styles may change but 'our faith burns ever brighter' each time our story is told. May your own faith be uplifted and encouraged each time you hear these songs!

Tracks List:

1: Passin' The Faith Along
2: Gentle Hands
3: That Sounds Like Someone I'd Like To Know

4: Will You Love Jesus More
5: Shine On Us
6: Singin' With The Saints
7: I'll Worship Only
8: Spirit of the Living God
9: You Can't Ask Too Much of My God
10: Side by Side
11: All Rise